World Fare is a non-profit retail store that is entirely managed and run by volunteers. Many fair trade stores are non-profit and run by volunteers because it allows the stores to put a larger amount of income back into fair trade products that help people around the world. Our volunteers share a commitment to thinking globally and acting locally. As an expression of gratitude for their time, they also enjoy earning hours toward gift certficates in the store and being part of special events.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can support World Fare’s mission by donating as few as three hours per month, fill out our online application. No experience necessary; full training is available. Thank you for your interest!


Store shifts are typically three hours long, and volunteers work anywhere from weekly to monthly on days that align with their schedules. Volunteers also take on tasks that can be done outside of store hours.


Almost all of our volunteers serve as sales associates in the store, but many also get involved in other ways. You may discover over time that you’d like to help with a special project. Here are some of the many areas where you can help:

  • Decorating/displays
  • Special events
  • Education for children
  • Education for adults
  • Volunteer scheduling
  • Volunteer training
  • Marketing
  • Cleaning and maintenance