Event: Pre-holiday Clearance Sale!

Pre-holiday Clearance Sale!

Our Pre-holiday Clearance Sale runs November 1-21! Selected merchandise is 20% off November 1-7, then 40% off November 8-14 and finally, a whopping 60% off November 15-21! Get great deals on gifts and help us clear space for new items. All purchases help support World Fare’s mission of partnering with economically disadvantaged communities through fair trade!

You might be asking yourself, “How does a Pre-Holiday Clearance Sale benefit the economically disadvantaged communities World Fare partners with through fair trade?” Well: we and the suppliers we work with pay artisans and farmers up front for fair trade products, which is only fair for folks who are trying to make a living in tenuous circumstances. A clearance sale for our customers here in Three Rivers means more cash flow for World Fare, which means we can purchase more fair trade items from farmers and artisans, so it’s a win-win all around!